Website speed test and performance optimization method

Website speed test and performance optimization method

This website speed test includes a waterfall breakdown and the website preview. You can run the site speed test from various test locations and easily can check your website health and potential.

Website speed matters to get more engagement and tons of traffic on your website site and also encourage visitor to visit again on your website if you are running healthy website means performance of this website is fast and easy to understand what you are publishing or providing services to your client or visitor.

Most of new designer often use heavy, complicated and color full theme .No need to make so colorful and heavy of your website, may be it look beautiful to see but on the other hand visitor will tired of when it will take time to load their pages pictures and content which you have published. Make your website speed fast, simple and healthy.

Website Speed Test:

Website speed test makes your site analysis that how much it is taking time to load and which contents are getting load on this website, so I have a solution to your site if taking time to load if you have designed or chosen heavy theme already, keep reading following tips and tricks that will make your site fast and attractive.

Step 1

  1. Check your website performance test by clicking on below website as showing in picture
    Website Speed Test 

when you will test your website than you find result like the showing in below

  •  website speed grade should be fallen in minimum A grade.
  • load time of your website should be in Millie seconds


  • Just go to you Dashboard and hover on plugging and add new plugging .Type in searching box “WP Fastest Cache”
    Install and active it.
  • After installing and activation it will appear on you right side of dashboard just click on it. Now you will be setting page like showing below

Now check all boxes as I have done in my website and then submit it.

  • After submission, refresh your website once are twice and then go again website speed test and test again your website you will find great difference after and before.

Note: its only for those who are using website through WordPress other users can contact with their web designer. Otherwise feel free to reach us in any assistant

Step 2

Your website taking too much load due to heavy content like images as client request is to display high resolution images on website that really will effect on performance and speed of your website so in this case we have another solution just follow my steps below.

Again, test your website and see the results now you can see
Here in red box showing heavy resolution picture that also have reason to getting load on website. So, we may reduce or comprised it size that will give big impact on increasing speed of website.

So Now,
Go your dashboard again and hover on plugging and add new plugging and now search “Smush image compression and optimization” and then click install and active it.
Here is small setting which you need to do and then click on Get started button, this will take some time to perform its activity.
After completing, take website speed test again you will find more level up to your site and images size will be reduced. so your site will perform well as previous you may take other website speed test.

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