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In order to identify the users, do web analytics tools need to report on?

A. user sessions
B. Unique users
C. Page Views
D. All of the above


In order to identify the users, web analytics tools need to report on user sessions (also referred to as visits).


Which of the following method is used to identify user sessions?

A. IP address
B. authenticated user
C. user agent
D. All of the above


There are different techniques to identify users such as IP addresses, user agent and IP address combination, cookies, and authenticated user.


The most common user identification technique is via?

A. Sessions
B. Cookies
C. Segmentation
D. page views


Nowadays, the most common user identification technique is via cookies which are small packets of data that are usually deposited on the user’s computer hard disk when the person visits a website.


The focus of web analytics is to understand the?

A. users of a site
B. User behavior
C. User activities
D. All of the above


The focus of web analytics is to understand the users of a site, their behavior, and their activities.


The immediate purpose of analyzing digital analytics data is to:

A. Make better decisions about your business
B. Generate more revenue from your website
C. Define the ideal customers for your business
D. Drive more traffic to your website


Although all answers are good, (a) is the best option because it encompasses all othe


Which of the following statements is incorrect?

A. You should leverage the 5W (+1H) technique to plan and design a dashboard.
B. Google Data Studio, Kilpfolio, and Tableau are some tools that help you create effective dashboards.
C. You should provide usability-related (heuristics) recommendations without actual data in your dashboards.
D. Designing an effective dashboard (or report) is similar to developing a website.


You should never provide usability-related (heuristics) recommendations without actual data in your dashboards.


What are the three areas of expertise of a Center of Excellence?

A. Instrumentation / Analysis / Recommendations
B. Business Outcomes and Actions / Enabling Capabilities / Analysis
C. Instrumentation / Enabling Capabilities / Analysis
D. None of the above


The three areas of expertise of a Center of Excellence are Business Outcomes and Actions/ Enabling Capabilities/ Analysis.


You want to understand if users use their mobile phones to access your site. Which of the following approach is preferable?

A. Ask “Are you using a mobile phone to access our site?” Yes/No
B. Ask “Which type of device are you using to access our site?” with choices: Desktop computer/Mobile Phone/Tablet
C. Look at the report Audience/Mobile/Overview
D. This cannot be known because people use multiple devices to browse the Web


You could ask the questions in a survey, but the answer is readily available in the Google Analytics reports (and all other web analytics platforms)


Publishing ads through Facebook would fall under which media type?

A. Owned media, because of your Facebook Page
B. Social media channel
C. Paid media
D. Depends on the campaign parameters you add to your landing page link


Don’t confuse owned and paid media. Leveraging Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn ad networks fall under the paid category while posting on your own Facebook page would be owned media. Interacting on someone else’s Facebook page or account would fall under the earned media category.


Google Analytics can only recognize returning users on websites, not on mobile apps.

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say


Google Analytics can only recognize returning users on websites, not on mobile apps. You can combine any metric with any dimension in a Google Analytics report. … You’ve discovered that a significant portion of your site traffic is coming from your internal users and is skewing your customer data.


If I want to have an estimate of the number of people who visited my website, which metric should I use?

A. Sessions
B. Unique visitors
C. Users
D. Hits


The term Visitor” is a bit misleading as it really represents the number of “devices & browsers” that are assigned a unique random persistent cookie identifier. However


Above all, the advantage of competitive intelligence is that it allows you to:

A. Measure your website data compared to your competitors
B. Measure your website data in a vacuum
C. See how much revenue your competitors are generating
D. See how fast your company is growing


There are limits to the competing data you can get – although paid services offer a tremendous amount of insight. Don’t forget there is also publicly available information such as annual reports.


What would be a good way to segment your data?

A. Segment your primary geographic market
B. Segment based on Acquisition / Behavior / Conversion dimensions
C. Segment based on Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value
D. All of the above


8 Ways to Segment Your Customer Data
  1. When You Know Nothing. …
  2. You Know Who Customers Are. …
  3. You Know What Customers Say. …
  4. You Know What Customers Do. …
  5. You Know Which Customers Look Alike. …
  6. You Know Who People Are Friends With. …
  7. You Can Let the Machines Decide. …
  8. You Know What Images People Share.


Which of these marketing efforts would NOT be an effective use of campaign trackers?

A. Display advertising campaigns
B. Email marketing campaigns
C. Social media campaigns
D. Television advertising campaigns


For traditional media, it is ill-advised to use a long URL with a bunch of parameters. Instead, rely on memorable terms such as your brand, slogan, campaign theme, and organic search, or if possible, use an easy-to-remember short link.


Which of the following reports would identify the entry pages that are contributing the most to your e-commerce revenues?

A. All Pages
B. All Traffic
C. Landing Pages
D. E-commerce overview


In Google Analytics, the report Behavior/Site Content/Landing Pages, especially when looking at the E-commerce tab, will reveal a wealth of useful information.


Which of the following explains the best use for website testing and experimentation?

A. It gives customers a voice to decide what goes on your website
B. It enables the company CEO to justify his decisions for what goes on the website
C. It allows the web oversight committee to influence the background-color
D. It enables multiple versions of the website to exist simultaneously


Managers often say they are customer-centric”; however


Which of the following is a disadvantage of A/B testing?

A. It is limited to groups that have lots of resources to get started
B. It is limited to simple changes
C. It requires lots of prep time to get started
D. It requires much more traffic to get results than multivariate testing


Testing multiple variations, let alone multiple factors can significantly increase the duration and complexity of the test, often leading to non-statistically valid results.


Last-click attribution is defined as:

A. The last date on which a new customer clicked to your website
B. The channel that received the most amount of clicks in the sales cycle
C. The last point in the sales cycle before the customer purchase
D. The channel that sent the user to your website immediately before the sale


There’s a subtle but important difference between a and d. In case of a


What is the biggest difference between CPA and CLV analysis

A. CPA is more appropriate for short term, tactical optimization
B. CLV is truly customer-centric
C. CLV encompasses online and offline customer touchpoints and uses back-office data
D. All of the above


Here, what is important is to recognize when to use various analysis techniques to inform different business decisions, at scale.


Which metrics would accurately indicate the success of the latest Facebook post?

A. Likes and click-through
B. Impressions and click-through
C. Reach and engagement
D. Sessions and pageviews


In Facebook terminology, reach” is the number of people who had the opportunity to view your post


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