How to unbanned whatsapp number again

How to unbanned whatsapp number.


If your WhatsApp number has been banned by WhatsApp Company then how to turn it on again. Before starting the procedure, we need to discuss shortly, why WhatsApp Company banned our number and then we will discuss how to Unbanned WhatsApp Number.

What are main reasons WhatsApp account bane

  • One massage sends to multiple user unknown number just like spamming
  • used for advertisement purpose
  • user create too many groups
  • If user send massages like unlawful, immoral, harassing slanderous, harassing, unpleasant, prank
  • Sending bulk massages to unknown people not listed in contact
  • You are sharing in multiple groups and broadcasting website URL and ad link multiple time in a day
  • You are creating and texting porn related contents and sharing in groups
  • Unlisted people in your contact may reports you to block your number
  • If user upload abused contact on status or content

WhatsApp Company block to user on Two Status.


  1. Temporary Block/ban

  2. Permanent block/ban

WhatsApp Number Temporary lock: If any User send and share Same Text messages, picture, video, GIF File, site URLs and promotion join for numerous occasions to numerous obscure individuals and unlisted contacts, in communicate, gathering. So, in the event that you More Friends Blocking WhatsApp number therefore, WhatsApp company block/ban your number temporarily.

WhatsApp restricted Permanent locking: If you are sending and sharing an excessive number of obscure individuals commercials connect, send spam messages, Fake news share, Fake video viral in communicate and gathering, post illicit Text content (pictures messages, recordings messages, and other material that is explicitly express, send brutal Video, damaging announcement, hostile, hurtful, rough messages because of  violation of privacy WhatsApp prohibited Permanent lock you WhatsApp Number.

Now let’s start how to UNBANNED temporary and permanent WhatsApp banned number

Temporary Banned:

If you were found this error “you are temporary banned from WhatsApp company

Unbanned WhatsApp Number
  • Go to support or send email to
  • In email just write this lines( My WhatsApp number has been banned please turn it on again)
  • Than send email (Note: must sign in your Gmail before sending email because when you will raise email through phone, your email will go on Gmail directly)
  • You will be notify after a day or before by email and activate your WhatsApp account again.

Permanent Banned:

  • You are using WhatsApp and your WhatsApp showing error to verify your number
  • When you verify your number by putting registered phone number.
  • User will found that your number has been banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help (See in Picture)
Unbanned WhatsApp Number
  • Now take a screen short of this Po-up
  • Just click on support.
  • Now you will see here to add picture just upload the screen short you have taken before and write a line on above description (my number has been banned please turn it on again) and click next.
Unbanned WhatsApp Number
  • You will find some question like showing in below picture. Leave all and click last comment (this doesn’t answer my question)
Unbanned WhatsApp Number


  1. You will automatically redirect on Gmail account then send email.
  2. Wait for reply from email and take according to reply.

Unbanned WhatsApp Number Permanent Ban:

hence you didn’t get any replay from the WhatsApp supporting team for a couple of days or hardly any week,so contact again through email to whatsapp support team and make request to unblock whatsapp number again. it will really help.

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