How to create thumbnail for YouTube video in 2020

How to create thumbnail for YouTube video

Before we start how to create thumbnail for youtube video. we need to discuss essential rules and follow some policies of Youtube. more while here also necessary to explain actually what is a youtube thumbnail and how it is important for youtube channel growth and what is the size of a youtube thumbnail.

let’s get started to give these answers to the above queries.


What is a Youtube Thumbnail?

Basically, youtube gives the facility to YouTubers to show their content summary on showcase so it will be easy to gain more traffic and engagement on their channel or videos.

For Example:

when you browsed Youtube on any browser or through desktop or mobile app. you see many videos in front of you here every video show their first illusion related to the content. in short is the label of any packed material or good that is packed inside the box or cube etc.


YouTube Policy about Thumbnail:

Youtube says about thumbnails that this should be clear and related to the content. it should not be misleading for example if your content is about a game and you are a thumbnail showing health, tech or any other stories for biding. another example some youtube used to catchy thumbnail to gain clicks but its thumbnail is not related to the content they put some nude, immoral or human attractive posters to gain more clicks on their video which is likely to assume negative factor according to the youtube policy.


What is the size of the Youtube Thumbnail?

Youtube prefer the size of the thumbnail is 1280 width and 720 hight (1280×720) it is recommended size of youtube thumbnail.

Youtube recommended thumbnail size is 1280×720


How to make thumbnail for youtube video on windows or mac:

There are many software and online websites that provide facilities to how to make a thumbnail for youtube videos. I’m talking about some of these.

  • Adobe photoshop 7.0
  • Adobe photoshop CSS
  • Adobe illustrator
  • windows paint too
  • Corel Drawaction t

Now I’m a fan of an online website that gives you complete satisfaction to make any kind of log, poster, resume, thumbnail or even videos completely free. it’s a premium but it’s a free feature or sufficient to comply with your desire. This website isĀ  Canva.


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