How to add bank account to Adsense 2022

How to add a bank account to Adsense 2022

How to add bank account to Adsense 2022

How to add bank account to Adsense is a very commonly asked question on Google. I will help you out to answer deeply for your need. here are some important keys to fil your approved Adsense account

Note: If your Google adsense has been approved and your payment reached the minimum limits as 100 $ then you will fine a Notification that Your payment is on hold.

So here is the procedure to fill up the form

  1. First of all, just log in to your Google AdSense account
  2. Now you have two options at this stage (a) click on the action button appearing at the end of notification and the second one is clicking Payment method left of the menu. See in below Picture 01
  3. So here you will find the option “Add Payment Method ” shown in the below figure 02.



Now here you have another Two checkpoints such as

  • Add new wire transfer details
  • Add new Check details

You need to select the first one

Once you click on the first option you will see below the form shown in the picture here is all the personal information regarding banks you need to put correctly.

below are some tips to fill this form read carefully and fill up

  • Beneficiary ID here you are being asked for the name who is beneficiary so if you want to add then write the name otherwise you may skip gently.
  • On the next option write bank account holder name or account title
  • Next, write the correct bank name here
  • In the next option, you required a Swift code which will be provided with your bank so get it.
  • Note: if you didn’t get the 08 character code then no worry just go on Google and in the search bar write as (xxxx swift code) here xxx means your bank name
  • so on the very next you need to jot down your IBAN number. (IBAN number is used for international Transactions)


Note: IBAN number will be given by your bank. just visit or make a call on service centre and ask from them


  • If you didn’t do that then again no worry will sort out this matter too.
  • Just go on google and type in the search bar (xxx IBAN generator) and hit enter button “xxx is your bank name
  • Now you will see the first link of your bank is providing IBAN generating service just go on and get your IBAN number by putting your account number. just follow the procedure
  • Now once you got your IBAN number put on both relevant columns
  • Now at the end, intermediate bank and FFC options will require no action so skip it
  • At the end of this form just checkmark on last and save the form


Now your payment method on your Google account has been successfully added.

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