Digital Product to sell & what is a digital product

Digital Product to sell & what is a digital product

Digital Product to sell we need to learn about what is digital products. how can we create digital products and how many kinds of it? we should know all about, before start selling over the internet.

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is any product you can sell virtually. These products often found in the form of downloadable or steamtable files, like MP3s, PDFs, videos, plug-ins, and templates, etc.


1.Online course:

If you are an expert of any subject no matter what is subject although it is about education, motivational speaker, mechanical skills, know about animals or birds, airplane, ships, wildlife, or any skill that you are expert on it jus take mobile and set a good background, record your ideas in form of videos. Then go on and sell your ideas through online courses. Many other sites or also prevailing in the internet world which will be helpful to sell your courses I’m just giving an example.

Another thing you need to do it create a page on Facebook. Upload a promo video about your online courses then start consistently uploading one video at least a day. When you will start getting more audience on your page and you have built audience intention and trust. Then share a fully online course and offer them to subscribe to your website to get the full course. In this way, you will get more money by selling your ideas or skills. In Udemy you have to pay a small amount of commission.  But in this way, the full amount will come into your account.

2.Sell Membership website:

Patreon dot site is providing a membership sell service. Many famous artists in the world do subscription charges of their content. mostly the Youtubers do this. They will provide you content you will sell it on Patreon and a small amount will go them by selling each membership.


3.Mentorship Hours (Skype):

Mentorship by skype a new and famous method to earn money became very popular. On skype one to one concerting, offering an hour by sitting face to face on skype and will give you an hour and will changer the amount that both are agreed upon. You may ask any question, whether it relates to digital marketing, social marketing, content writing, freelancing, blogging, selling digital products, creative common so on. I will give you answers to all of your a one-hour session so new creative many mentors in the world are doing that. They deal with any suitable way of billing and get their charges.


4.Content Templates:

Sell content templates over the internet. For example package of 10 winning email templates, or social media templates, or WordPress templates all goes in the form of digital products. Many websites provide you the facility to customize templets by customizing templates to make a valuable digital product and sell it.


If you are an expert on writing, write a book on a topic that you are really expert on it. Share your skills and creative ideas that make people educated and helpful to grow on. Upload on Amazon and sell it. Since Amazon is the world’s fastest and biggest platform for selling products so this is a high chance that you may sell your Ebook fast. If you will succeed to sell 1000 books and per book cost just 10$ then you may easily calculate the amount that you will earn by selling E-book.

6.Affiliate Marketing:

One of the best ways to earn money online by selling other products. This fasts growing method. You don not to keep in the physical products. Just go on Amazon or Flipkart Alibaba Draz etc and signup their account. Chose the product and start selling on your website or by social media marketing. If you sell at least a product daily there is a high chance to reward a handsome commission on that product. Slowly you may start to grow and selling maximum product.

If you have already a website and you do not have Adsense Approval so far then, this is the best way to earn a handsome amount of money that may lead your life better. Another way, make social networking following by creating a page relevant to your product or services. Pay a small amount to the advertisement and get it double.


7.Sell Plans: (diet plan, exercise plans provide step by step plan):

As we know that fat is the most common issue around the world. Peoples are more conscious of that. To start selling a diet plan. You need only a platform where you need to connect with people that really need plans for their health. Make subscription charges and take some basic information about the client. After that send them a weekly plan through email and set a billing method agreed upon both ends.

8.Sell photos, Videos on (Sutter-stock, etc):

If you are living such these places where there are natural beauty Vallies, waterfalls, rivers, wildlife, mountains, take a good camera and take photos or videos.singup on shutter stock and sell your creativity. You will earn a handsome amount of money on each selling of your photos or videos. Many Youtubers buy millions of photos or video clips on every day for their projects and videos. Only a thing you need to keep in mind that your click should be so genuine and amazing.

9.WordPress Plugins, themes (theme forest):

if you are a good coder make your own plugins or develop a responsive theme for WordPress. Login on theme forest website and sell them. Just imagine if you sailed 1000 of the plugin at the price of a minimum of 10$ them it will be a great reward. It will always be a source of income.

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