Change Youtube channel name 2022

How to Change Youtube channel name 2022

Change Youtube channel name 2022 is commonly asked on Google especially on Youtube that how to change youtube name in 2022. for this sake, we are going to discuss a short method that will help to make it easy,

Before starting we need to know that we can only change youtube name after 90 days not before if once you have changed.

so now get started. here are some points to change the youtube channel name.

How to change your youtube channel name a complete Video

  • Log in to your Google Account
  • Go on the Youtube website.
  • now on the top right sight of the browser, you will find the channel logo so click on it
  • then find Your channel and click on it
  • now you will find the option Channel Customization so click on it.
  • now you will see an interface where you will see the basic info option click on it
  • now here Your youtube channel name will have appeared and besides that a pencil button you will see click and edit your new desired name and then click Publish on the top right side on the current page.

Don! enjoy

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