Windows 10 free download 64 bit or 32 bit with key

Windows 10 free download 64 bit or 32 bit with key

The frequently asked question over the internet user is how to download windows 10 free download 64 bit for the operating system. So this article going to be very interesting for the seeker of the latest and updated windows 100 iso file. Download ISO file from Microsoft officiation website by doing some important setting in your default browser. Before starting windows 10 free download 32 bit or 64 bit we have to enable some options in browsers.

Before starting the windows 10 update download we will discuss some FAQs about windows

Why Windows 10?

windows 10 features and benefits

  • The latest graphics software supporting
  • Return of the start menu
  • System updates for a longer period
  • Excellent virus  protection
  • Addition of DirectX 12
  • Touch screen for hybrid devices
  • Full control over Windows 10
  • Lighter and faster operating system
  • Possible privacy problems.

Most FAQs about windows 10


Can I still download Windows 10 for free?

If you are keen to find free windows 10 with an activation key then yes you can download by enabling some settings on your browser and system.

Where can I download Windows 10 for the free full version?

You can download windows 10 download free for the Microsoft official website and activate after install by using some tools. It will work long and reliable

Can I download Windows 10 from Windows 7?

Before downloading the window 10 ISO file you need to enable some settings in your default browser then you can download easily by using any operating system.

How do I activate Windows 10 without a product key?

You can activate your windows 10 by buying a product key from Microsoft official website or some other tools that are available over the internet by using them you may activate your windows 10


Now Start windows 10 free download 32 bit or 64 bit

SO, just open your default browser in any operating system and Go on the Google search bar. now type here Windows 10 free download and hit Enter button from your keyboard. now the first link will appear as shown in the picture below


now you will come on Microsoft official website and you will find this below screen but on this page, you will not be able to get any download button as you can see here


Now here we need to make some important changing in our default browser to enable download feature here so let’s start to

click on 3 dots right top on your browser different browser may have changed this option when in Chrome browser your will find in top-right position as shown in the figure below

then hover on more tools and click on Developer option. see in picture


when you will click on the developer tools option a screen will appear as shown in the figure below


Again go on top-right 3 dots and click on it. hover on more tools and then click on network connection as shown in the below snap.



now uncheck Select automatically and select the manual(chrome-android mobile) option as seen in the below picture


now refresh your page and you will find now download button .here you can see in the below picture


as the downloading option has been seen so select the version that you want to download. because this is Microsoft’s official website so you can download an updated version. so let’s start


so this is almost done you just need to select the language at the next level. I recommended you select English international and then click on confirm button.

Now both options will appear Windows 32 bit download and 64-bit download. So this is your call to choose as per your requirement. you may see these both options here in a snap.


I hope this article will help you most. If this really sounds for you must write me in the comment box. My motto is to explain and make easy to the whole procedure. Your message makes me energetic to write a more useful article like that. In short, you will encourage me by putting your valuable words.


How to write blogs & key points to drive huge traffic

How to write blogs & key points to drive huge traffic

After COVID-19, everybody should do blogging. If you can write, you should write. But many of us do not succeed at blogging. Because somewhere somehow we lacked few important elements that play an instrumental role in the success of our blog. In this article, I’m going to highlight important things that how to write blogs & key points to drive huge traffic. Every blogger should keep in mind if they want to become successful, which eventually means they will start making money.

How to write a blog post:

So the first thing is don’t worry about covering too many topics.  Because you will never become successful if you got a macro range of topics you are willing to cover.  Since you are not an authority and you probably competing with big giants out there. Who has been in this blogging business for over a long period? You will not become successful, so do not go for a macro niche.

Micro niche blog:

The second thing choosing a specific niche, Micro niche blog means to focus on specifics. For example, when you talk about cricket as sports don’t cover cricket, as a sport overall, in your blog, instead focus on one particular skill set how about batting How about balling This way, you are giving you such a fair chance of making an impact as a blogger. How to write blogs a strategy to gain tons of traffic

How to write  Content:

The third thing is how to write content if your content is not informative. If it is not educating your readers and allowing them to learn something, people will not come back to you. This highlights the importance of creating awareness, educating your audience, every time they should learn something. And if they learn something, they will keep coming back to your blog to read the new blog post.

Average Content:

The fourth thing is, don’t put average content by average content, I point out the importance of not having diversified content, which includes pictures and videos. text-only content does not grab the interest for over a long time. So, therefore, people usually leave your blog post and they move on to something else, which is not good for Google because Google counts this as a bounce rate if people stay on your blog, if it is informative and interesting enough to engage your audience to read all the way to land, you’ve got to include pictures and videos in your blog post.


The fifth thing is to talk about engaging your audience with giveaways always give something to your audience. So every second blog post should talk about giving something maybe it’s access to a free internet tool, maybe beefsteaks. on so forth, try to engage your audience give them a reason to keep coming back to you.

Website Should be attractive:

The website needs to be good looking, and attractive outlook that highlights your brand if the website doesn’t have basic elements, like easy to navigate to other blog posts, perhaps email newsletter, and then, of course, giving them a call to action. So every time they read a blog post, they should be able to share it on their different social media platforms. A website needs to depict seriousness about you as a brand.

Email marketing templates:

Seven things are even though I have highlighted its importance in the previous point, give your audience a chance to subscribe to your email newsletter because that is one way of sending emails to your potential readers and engaging them, and convincing them to keep coming back to your blog posts. So if you send by monthly email newsletter, perhaps a monthly email newsletter, you’re showing yourself in the minds of your audience, and then they resonate well with you somewhere down the road, perhaps over some time because you’re sending them emails, periodic emails, sending an email newsletter, building an email list at first place is a key to successful blogging. Do not underestimate the importance of building an email list. And of course, you can only do it by offering an opt-in form on your blog post, preferably somewhere at a very prominent place, maybe inside individual blog posts. So when people read on the right-hand side somewhere, perhaps on the very top, you can request your audience to subscribe to your email newsletter. The email marketing strategy will make you able to drive traffic.

Email marketing templates
How to write blogs


Create Youtube Videos:

Every blogger should create a youtube channel that resonates well with your branding because it sort of like go hand in hand. So if you got a YouTube channel at the same time you got a blog by including pictures or embedding YouTube videos, you’re giving your users and viewers a chance to click on the YouTube link and then directly go to your YouTube channel. And of course, over there, they can subscribe to your channel like your video, which eventually gives you an additional source of making an impact in eventually making money. Because as your audience grows on your YouTube channel, you’ll make money right. And of course, fame is also a byproduct here. So always create a YouTube channel, every blogger should have their YouTube channel, and every separate blog post should ideally embed a YouTube video link. So, therefore, giving readers a chance to go to your YouTube channel and subscribe to your channel as well.

How to write blogs


Consistency is the key. If you are consistent, you will go far ahead of your competitor. The reason being many of us potential bloggers show a lot of enthusiasm spark initially, and we write consistently for the first two months but then somehow the passion takes backburner stage. And that is where your viewers your audience is one by your competitor. Consistency is the key. If you write one blog post in a day, then you should write one blog post every single day. Because your audience if likes your content, if they engage with your previous blog post, they’re looking forward to your new blog post. And in the absence of one, you’re giving them a fair chance of leaving your business and moving to someone else’s blog post you, of course, would not like to lose a potential reader Do you?

Keywords Analysis tool:

10th important element is now this is getting down to Pacific’s it is getting technical. So if you do not know and do not have any knowledge about this, perhaps hire a professional who would analysis you got to analyze your keyword got to analyze your competitors because if you try to write for something extremely difficult to rank on search engines, you are giving yourself no chance of being found for your business-related keywords. So it is very important to take the right step before you write your blog post the typical step as you identify your keywords, the keywords that are less competitive over uber-suggest is one amazing Keywords Analysis tool you can also find your keyword analysis, you can also do your keyword analysis on Ahrefs by seeing the Keyword Difficulty if that falls in the green area. It’s worth paying attention to and you should go for that particular keywords.

A keyword analysis is very important. You want to include keywords in your blog post that can be ranked, that are easy to rank, instead of focusing on the keywords that are very hard to rank. For example, if I rank for digital marketing, it would be very difficult for a new blog to rank for this highly competitive keyword. But by including a longtail keyword, for example, digital marketing in Pakistan about I am giving myself a chance of getting ranked for this business-related keyword and when someone searches on Google, primarily because Google is the major search engine. If you are found in the top 10 search results, people would be able to click on the link go to your website, read your blog post, and perhaps contact you for their business query.

Keywords Analysis tool
How to write blogs

Social Media Marketing:

Another thing is the lack of social media sharing If someone likes your blog reads it till the end. Give them a chance to share your blog post to their different social media accounts including. But not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the list goes on and on.

Backlinking from your social media:

Last but not least the 12th important element is backlinking from your social media accounts. What does this mean? It means that if you’ve got a good presence. Everybody has got a decent amount of presence on social media Facebook primarily. And if you are someone who doesn’t like Facebook, perhaps you are on Twitter and you use Instagram and Snapchat to talk about your blog post on your social media accounts.

Perhaps create a video to educate your audience about your blog post, give a link in the description. This way, you will be able to drive traffic from your social media accounts onto your blog post. It works trust me. I have scaled being by driving huge amounts of traffic. As from Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Quora, and of course YouTube channel. So if you pay close attention to these 12 elements. These 12 keys there’s a good chance as a beginner. You’ll be able to make an impact create a brand, increase your viewership.

If you like this blog post must get back to me in below comment box.


How to make money online as a teen

How to make money online for free

If you’re interested in knowing how to make money online as a teen, this article is probably something you have been looking for. And I would request you to read till the end. how to make money online commonly asked question over the internet.

The first thing you need to understand is, if you want to make money on the internet, people from South Asia primarily need to focus on their communication skills. Because if you get a huge grip on your communication skills, you’re able to convey your point of view to your potential customer or a website visitor.

Warren Buffett, one of the most profound investors in the US falls in the top 10 richest list. He was once asked if there’s one piece of advice he would like to give to younger people. And Warren responded. If there’s one piece of advice I would like to give to younger people that will be to work on their oral as well as written communication skills, which means that you should be able to write effectively and at the same time, you should be able to communicate effectively in person.

How to make money online as a teen


First thing first, if you work on your communication skills, and if you gain a huge command in having effective communication skills, the following six things could help you make money on the internet, to begin with, freelancing.

freelancing for life has become a mainstream phenomenon. Everybody wants to work from home, people are working remotely, people love being self-employed rather than being employed by their employer to work for nine to five job. a freelancer does not have a carbon footprint, so they are not required to commute to their job place every single morning and come back home every single evening. They are the boss of their own. as a freelancer. primarily on the internet, you can learn a technical skill or too the technical skills usually consists of programming which includes website development, mobile app development, software development, then you talk about creativity, which includes graphic designing. As a graphic designer, you could create logos, you could create brochure designs, bifold brochures as well as trifold brochures you could create catalogs of companies, you could create a graphic design for YouTube Instagram for Facebook, you could create graphic design as a website designer and the list goes on and on.How to make money online as a teen

And then, of course, the other skills include but not limited to social media marketing, as offers less urgency. You could offer Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms promotion to struggling small businesses.

As a digital marketer. You could help small businesses with search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO and you could offer your services as a virtual assistant and you could offer yourself As a data entry specialist, now the letter does not require any technical computer skills. All you need to know, how to use a computer and copy-paste work is all your customers looking for.

as a freelancer, you could offer your services or different freelance marketplaces. Some are mainstream freelance marketplaces, others are non-traditional freelance marketplaces. So when I try to explain the difference between traditional mainstream and non-traditional freelance marketplace, the only difference is on mainstream on a traditional freelance marketplace is clients come in, they post their project, freelancers bid on the project. And then based on their proposal based on their previous portfolio and the assignments and the work they have successfully finished in the past, employers hire that freelancers by awarding them the project, and once they get the job done, Freelancer gasp paid. So there are many freelance marketplaces It’s a merger of Elance and oDesk. And now it’s one of the world’s largest freelance marketplace, then there is Again, as old as any other freelance marketplace. And then there is, which is a non-traditional freelance marketplace. So the difference between the traditional freelance marketplace and non-traditional, which is Fiverr has, instead of a client coming in posting their project on traditional marketplace.How to make money online as a teen

In case of Fiverr clients come in, they skim through a browse through different services offered by freelancers. And if they like what they see based on the portfolio based on the price based on the content based on the packages, then they hire a freelancer for that particular job. And that hiring services are commonly known as buying a gig.

Therefore there, you know two ways you can offer your services as a freelancer in mainstream marketplaces, and then not the mainstream non-traditional marketplace.

After freelancing, you could offer your services on social media, this might just come as a surprise to many of you, as social media users, we spend a lot of time-consuming different content and but we do not pay attention to the time we are spending on those platforms. So what if we can make that time we spend on these social media accounts account for, which means that we can use the time we spend on social media to over-leverage, we could become a social media influencer, we could upload a video on Facebook, and we can monetize our Facebook videos. Facebook lets you make money from your Facebook page videos that are usually over three minutes of minimum time bracket, then you can make money from Facebook Live.How to make money online as a teen

So Facebook has also introduced a way of making money from your Facebook Live by introducing the stars, which means that people can pay you stars. And that’s the form of money you can make while you are conducting the Facebook Live. So Facebook allows you to make money in three ways, you could upload videos on your Facebook page that are typically over three minutes. And through advertisement, you make money as a content creator.

The second is you conduct Facebook Live, people pay you stars. And that’s sort of like acknowledging for your performance and the stars are equal and to a certain amount of money. And the third way is you can make money through Instant Articles. Which means that if you own a blog, you could make money by allowing Facebook to introduce your blog within the platform, which means that user would not be forced to leave the Facebook platform. Very easy, right. And you probably have noticed many different blog sites where you see a thumbnail and when you click on it, it opens inside the Facebook environment, rather than forcing you to go outside the Facebook environment and then go to someone’s blog. So this way by Instant Articles, you can make huge money.How to make money online as a teen

The third way of making money is blogging. Of course self-explanatory. If you’ve got this flair for something and feel like writing open your blog just like we have and then you talk about different topics. My advice to all the young bloggers out there has focused on a micro niche in that micro-niche focus on one particular topic for example, if you like playing cricket, rather than covering the whole cricket game detail, how about focusing on just the bonus, perhaps the backtest the batsman, as they call it. So this way micro-niche enables your visitors to resonate well with the brand identity and they’ll keep coming back to you because Have you sort of like become a prominent voice for that particular niche.

Then after blogging, YouTube, of course, holds in a very primary place. As a matter of fact, as a blogger, you should also have a YouTube account because people who read your lengthy blog post would like to see diversification, they, to gain their engagement, you probably would like to show them images as well as you probably would like to show them videos. And the videos could be fetched from a YouTube platform by embedding in inside your WordPress blog. What does this mean? It means that you are giving yourself two different chances of brand awareness, from your blog post, when users read your blog post and are people can click on the video, they will go to your YouTube channel, subscribe to your YouTube channel. And eventually, as people watch your videos, you’ll be making money. So blogging and YouTube go in together parallel, to say the least, and one should focus on YouTube if they are focusing on blogging or vice versa. how to make money online

then the digital products, these are products is passive income, you are not required to sit on your desk 24 seven, it means that if you offer one to one consultation, that’s probably like one hour in a day. If you want to sell an e-book, you’re not required to sit on your desk all the time and monitor yourself. All you do is spend some time writing your ebook, covering the topic you want to cover. And then you can sell that ebook on Amazon Kindle. And you could sell that ebook on many other platforms, including Etsy. And when people buy your ebook, you make money. And then you can also make money if you’re creative enough by selling your designs on And if someone buys your design, you get paid. And there are so many other examples of digital products.

Affiliate Marketing is one way to do it. By the way, I also work as an Amazon affiliate, which means that I’ve signed up as an Amazon associate and whenever I sell something on my being guru blog, I send the traffic to Amazon. And then Amazon takes care of the payment Amazon takes care of shipping Amazon takes care of the customer says that is not my headache anymore. All I make is money if someone ends up buying a product from our website, and of course, that’s called passive income. That’s called affiliate marketing. how to make money online from home

Last but not the least, is Instagram. So you can also make money from Instagram just like on Facebook, where you create content, either it has pictures or videos and people watch your content, you make money on Instagram, once you upload your content, it could be pictures could be videos, you could make money through influencer marketing… So, my friends, these are six ways of making money on the internet. If I quickly recap, you can make money by offering your skills as a freelancer on different freelance marketplaces. You could make money from Facebook, you could make money from Instagram, you could make money from blogging, you could make money from your YouTube channel, and blogging and YouTube channel mind you go hand in hand and last but not the least. You could also make money by selling your digital products. If that makes sense. Please comments below. So any individual who’s suffering to make ends meet and COVID-19 gets a clue and start making money on the internet


How to compress a video file without losing quality

How to compress a video file without losing quality


How to compress a video file without losing quality a commonly asked question on the internet and everyone want to know how it is possible, that a large video size can be compressed into low size without losing its quality.

Many times our video size got very large and we need to upload on youtube, Facebook, or even sharing through dropbox, or google drive over the internet, and for the sake, you have to upload but your internet connection very slow you may face trouble. In the case of over GBs file, it will take much time and more complicated. Email marketing solution

So in this article, we will learn how to compress a video file but we don’t want to lose video quality in any case. Here we will use a small and free tool that will help you to concise your video without losing quality. So let get started.

Step 1:

Now first of all we will download a free tool named “Handbrake” easily available on google. This is open-source so anyone can download it free.

Go on Google Type “Handbrake” and hit Enter you will find the first official link of the handbrake tool. just click on it you will be in showing flowing picture

just download it and install it into your system.



Step 2:

After installing the tool we will make some presets which are highly recommended to you that must be applied. but before that just open your tool and you will see the interface of this tool like showing in the picture.

Now drop your desired video to compress its size.


Step 3:

after dropping your video you will see a screen like this showing in the below picture. here we need to set some preset which is highly recommended. these presets will help to maintain video quality when compressing your file into a small size.

  • Click on preset (box 1)
  • then on Summary (box 2)
  • now select MP4 and check on both option showing as in red highlighted box number 3
  • leave to make any changes in Dimensions and Filters.these settings will remain the same as the default.

Step 4:

Now Click on Video as showing in below snaps.

  • Click on Video (box 1)
  • in 2nd box select Video Code H.264 (x264)
  • and Framerate FPS (see the detail of your video by right click on the file and click on the property then go in detail)
  • Now at the rt side of the picture, you will see the arrows downward position these arrows are showing some mandatory setting. in a small arrow you may see the number 22 which is representing the high definition quality of your video if we increase or decrease may our quality or size affected. so you may choose between 20 to 23 RF for HD quality.
  • furthermore hovering mouse cursor on scroll bar you will see a popup that is indicating setting and quality of the video. My recommendation is 20 to 23 is best


Step 5:

Now at the end again click on Summary showing boxes in below snap

you may ad this custom setting for future use by clicking on the add button showing in number 3. and named it it is on your choice.

now at lats click on Start Encode button showing in box 3.


Now your video will start compressing its size without losing quality. As it is very deeply processed to compress the large file to a small size so this will take some time to be completed. have patient.

after completion must compare both files and video quality it will be really awesome. I have experienced it.


I hope you will enjoy this article. your comments will make me happy and encourage me to write more useful articles like that thanks with best regards.



How to unbanned whatsapp number again

How to unbanned whatsapp number.


If your WhatsApp number has been banned by WhatsApp Company then how to turn it on again. Before starting the procedure, we need to discuss shortly, why WhatsApp Company banned our number and then we will discuss how to Unbanned WhatsApp Number.

What are main reasons WhatsApp account bane

  • One massage sends to multiple user unknown number just like spamming
  • used for advertisement purpose
  • user create too many groups
  • If user send massages like unlawful, immoral, harassing slanderous, harassing, unpleasant, prank
  • Sending bulk massages to unknown people not listed in contact
  • You are sharing in multiple groups and broadcasting website URL and ad link multiple time in a day
  • You are creating and texting porn related contents and sharing in groups
  • Unlisted people in your contact may reports you to block your number
  • If user upload abused contact on status or content

WhatsApp Company block to user on Two Status.


  1. Temporary Block/ban

  2. Permanent block/ban

WhatsApp Number Temporary lock: If any User send and share Same Text messages, picture, video, GIF File, site URLs and promotion join for numerous occasions to numerous obscure individuals and unlisted contacts, in communicate, gathering. So, in the event that you More Friends Blocking WhatsApp number therefore, WhatsApp company block/ban your number temporarily.

WhatsApp restricted Permanent locking: If you are sending and sharing an excessive number of obscure individuals commercials connect, send spam messages, Fake news share, Fake video viral in communicate and gathering, post illicit Text content (pictures messages, recordings messages, and other material that is explicitly express, send brutal Video, damaging announcement, hostile, hurtful, rough messages because of  violation of privacy WhatsApp prohibited Permanent lock you WhatsApp Number.

Now let’s start how to UNBANNED temporary and permanent WhatsApp banned number

Temporary Banned:

If you were found this error “you are temporary banned from WhatsApp company

Unbanned WhatsApp Number
  • Go to support or send email to
  • In email just write this lines( My WhatsApp number has been banned please turn it on again)
  • Than send email (Note: must sign in your Gmail before sending email because when you will raise email through phone, your email will go on Gmail directly)
  • You will be notify after a day or before by email and activate your WhatsApp account again.

Permanent Banned:

  • You are using WhatsApp and your WhatsApp showing error to verify your number
  • When you verify your number by putting registered phone number.
  • User will found that your number has been banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help (See in Picture)
Unbanned WhatsApp Number
  • Now take a screen short of this Po-up
  • Just click on support.
  • Now you will see here to add picture just upload the screen short you have taken before and write a line on above description (my number has been banned please turn it on again) and click next.
Unbanned WhatsApp Number
  • You will find some question like showing in below picture. Leave all and click last comment (this doesn’t answer my question)
Unbanned WhatsApp Number


  1. You will automatically redirect on Gmail account then send email.
  2. Wait for reply from email and take according to reply.

Unbanned WhatsApp Number Permanent Ban:

hence you didn’t get any replay from the WhatsApp supporting team for a couple of days or hardly any week,so contact again through email to whatsapp support team and make request to unblock whatsapp number again. it will really help.

If  this article help you out must write for us in comments section. we will appreciate your views.


Website speed test and performance optimization method

Website speed test and performance optimization method

This website speed test includes a waterfall breakdown and the website preview. You can run the site speed test from various test locations and easily can check your website health and potential.

Website speed matters to get more engagement and tons of traffic on your website site and also encourage visitor to visit again on your website if you are running healthy website means performance of this website is fast and easy to understand what you are publishing or providing services to your client or visitor.

Most of new designer often use heavy, complicated and color full theme .No need to make so colorful and heavy of your website, may be it look beautiful to see but on the other hand visitor will tired of when it will take time to load their pages pictures and content which you have published. Make your website speed fast, simple and healthy.

Website Speed Test:

Website speed test makes your site analysis that how much it is taking time to load and which contents are getting load on this website, so I have a solution to your site if taking time to load if you have designed or chosen heavy theme already, keep reading following tips and tricks that will make your site fast and attractive.

Step 1

  1. Check your website performance test by clicking on below website as showing in picture
    Website Speed Test 

when you will test your website than you find result like the showing in below

  •  website speed grade should be fallen in minimum A grade.
  • load time of your website should be in Millie seconds


  • Just go to you Dashboard and hover on plugging and add new plugging .Type in searching box “WP Fastest Cache”
    Install and active it.
  • After installing and activation it will appear on you right side of dashboard just click on it. Now you will be setting page like showing below

Now check all boxes as I have done in my website and then submit it.

  • After submission, refresh your website once are twice and then go again website speed test and test again your website you will find great difference after and before.

Note: its only for those who are using website through WordPress other users can contact with their web designer. Otherwise feel free to reach us in any assistant

Step 2

Your website taking too much load due to heavy content like images as client request is to display high resolution images on website that really will effect on performance and speed of your website so in this case we have another solution just follow my steps below.

Again, test your website and see the results now you can see
Here in red box showing heavy resolution picture that also have reason to getting load on website. So, we may reduce or comprised it size that will give big impact on increasing speed of website.

So Now,
Go your dashboard again and hover on plugging and add new plugging and now search “Smush image compression and optimization” and then click install and active it.
Here is small setting which you need to do and then click on Get started button, this will take some time to perform its activity.
After completing, take website speed test again you will find more level up to your site and images size will be reduced. so your site will perform well as previous you may take other website speed test.