How to write blogs & key points to drive huge traffic

How to write blogs & key points to drive huge traffic

After COVID-19, everybody should do blogging. If you can write, you should write. But many of us do not succeed at blogging. Because somewhere somehow we lacked few important elements that play an instrumental role in the success of our blog. In this article, I’m going to highlight important things that how to write blogs & key points to drive huge traffic. Every blogger should keep in mind if they want to become successful, which eventually means they will start making money.

How to write a blog post:

So the first thing is don’t worry about covering too many topics.  Because you will never become successful if you got a macro range of topics you are willing to cover.  Since you are not an authority and you probably competing with big giants out there. Who has been in this blogging business for over a long period? You will not become successful, so do not go for a macro niche.

Micro niche blog:

The second thing choosing a specific niche, Micro niche blog means to focus on specifics. For example, when you talk about cricket as sports don’t cover cricket, as a sport overall, in your blog, instead focus on one particular skill set how about batting How about balling This way, you are giving you such a fair chance of making an impact as a blogger. How to write blogs a strategy to gain tons of traffic

How to write  Content:

The third thing is how to write content if your content is not informative. If it is not educating your readers and allowing them to learn something, people will not come back to you. This highlights the importance of creating awareness, educating your audience, every time they should learn something. And if they learn something, they will keep coming back to your blog to read the new blog post.

Average Content:

The fourth thing is, don’t put average content by average content, I point out the importance of not having diversified content, which includes pictures and videos. text-only content does not grab the interest for over a long time. So, therefore, people usually leave your blog post and they move on to something else, which is not good for Google because Google counts this as a bounce rate if people stay on your blog, if it is informative and interesting enough to engage your audience to read all the way to land, you’ve got to include pictures and videos in your blog post.


The fifth thing is to talk about engaging your audience with giveaways always give something to your audience. So every second blog post should talk about giving something maybe it’s access to a free internet tool, maybe beefsteaks. on so forth, try to engage your audience give them a reason to keep coming back to you.

Website Should be attractive:

The website needs to be good looking, and attractive outlook that highlights your brand if the website doesn’t have basic elements, like easy to navigate to other blog posts, perhaps email newsletter, and then, of course, giving them a call to action. So every time they read a blog post, they should be able to share it on their different social media platforms. A website needs to depict seriousness about you as a brand.

Email marketing templates:

Seven things are even though I have highlighted its importance in the previous point, give your audience a chance to subscribe to your email newsletter because that is one way of sending emails to your potential readers and engaging them, and convincing them to keep coming back to your blog posts. So if you send by monthly email newsletter, perhaps a monthly email newsletter, you’re showing yourself in the minds of your audience, and then they resonate well with you somewhere down the road, perhaps over some time because you’re sending them emails, periodic emails, sending an email newsletter, building an email list at first place is a key to successful blogging. Do not underestimate the importance of building an email list. And of course, you can only do it by offering an opt-in form on your blog post, preferably somewhere at a very prominent place, maybe inside individual blog posts. So when people read on the right-hand side somewhere, perhaps on the very top, you can request your audience to subscribe to your email newsletter. The email marketing strategy will make you able to drive traffic.

Email marketing templates
How to write blogs


Create Youtube Videos:

Every blogger should create a youtube channel that resonates well with your branding because it sort of like go hand in hand. So if you got a YouTube channel at the same time you got a blog by including pictures or embedding YouTube videos, you’re giving your users and viewers a chance to click on the YouTube link and then directly go to your YouTube channel. And of course, over there, they can subscribe to your channel like your video, which eventually gives you an additional source of making an impact in eventually making money. Because as your audience grows on your YouTube channel, you’ll make money right. And of course, fame is also a byproduct here. So always create a YouTube channel, every blogger should have their YouTube channel, and every separate blog post should ideally embed a YouTube video link. So, therefore, giving readers a chance to go to your YouTube channel and subscribe to your channel as well.

How to write blogs


Consistency is the key. If you are consistent, you will go far ahead of your competitor. The reason being many of us potential bloggers show a lot of enthusiasm spark initially, and we write consistently for the first two months but then somehow the passion takes backburner stage. And that is where your viewers your audience is one by your competitor. Consistency is the key. If you write one blog post in a day, then you should write one blog post every single day. Because your audience if likes your content, if they engage with your previous blog post, they’re looking forward to your new blog post. And in the absence of one, you’re giving them a fair chance of leaving your business and moving to someone else’s blog post you, of course, would not like to lose a potential reader Do you?

Keywords Analysis tool:

10th important element is now this is getting down to Pacific’s it is getting technical. So if you do not know and do not have any knowledge about this, perhaps hire a professional who would analysis you got to analyze your keyword got to analyze your competitors because if you try to write for something extremely difficult to rank on search engines, you are giving yourself no chance of being found for your business-related keywords. So it is very important to take the right step before you write your blog post the typical step as you identify your keywords, the keywords that are less competitive over uber-suggest is one amazing Keywords Analysis tool you can also find your keyword analysis, you can also do your keyword analysis on Ahrefs by seeing the Keyword Difficulty if that falls in the green area. It’s worth paying attention to and you should go for that particular keywords.

A keyword analysis is very important. You want to include keywords in your blog post that can be ranked, that are easy to rank, instead of focusing on the keywords that are very hard to rank. For example, if I rank for digital marketing, it would be very difficult for a new blog to rank for this highly competitive keyword. But by including a longtail keyword, for example, digital marketing in Pakistan about I am giving myself a chance of getting ranked for this business-related keyword and when someone searches on Google, primarily because Google is the major search engine. If you are found in the top 10 search results, people would be able to click on the link go to your website, read your blog post, and perhaps contact you for their business query.

Keywords Analysis tool
How to write blogs

Social Media Marketing:

Another thing is the lack of social media sharing If someone likes your blog reads it till the end. Give them a chance to share your blog post to their different social media accounts including. But not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the list goes on and on.

Backlinking from your social media:

Last but not least the 12th important element is backlinking from your social media accounts. What does this mean? It means that if you’ve got a good presence. Everybody has got a decent amount of presence on social media Facebook primarily. And if you are someone who doesn’t like Facebook, perhaps you are on Twitter and you use Instagram and Snapchat to talk about your blog post on your social media accounts.

Perhaps create a video to educate your audience about your blog post, give a link in the description. This way, you will be able to drive traffic from your social media accounts onto your blog post. It works trust me. I have scaled being by driving huge amounts of traffic. As from Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Quora, and of course YouTube channel. So if you pay close attention to these 12 elements. These 12 keys there’s a good chance as a beginner. You’ll be able to make an impact create a brand, increase your viewership.

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