Pinterest keyword Tool- Pinterest SEO tool for 2020

Pinterest keyword Tool- Pinterest SEO tool for 2020

Here we are going to learn how to do keyword research for Pinterest the right way.  Which keywords, you should target and how to find them. What is the best Pinterest keyword tool or Pinterest SEO tool? I’ve got you covered with all these questions.

The first concept you need to understand is that Pinterest is a mixed platform. It has features of both the social media site and or powerful (VSE) visual search engine. The user experience on Pinterest consists of two main types of activities.

Type 1:

The first one is scrolling down the smart feed like showing below.  And just seeing some pins from the people that you are following.  Some pins related to topics that you recently searched for.

Pinterest SEO tool
Pinterest Keyword Tool


Type 2:

And the second type of activity is when people are actively searching for a specific keyword on Pinterest.  When people search for a keyword Pinterest shows them the pins which are most relevant to the search query.  And the pins that have the highest quality based on multiple factors that Pinterest algorithm evaluates. Even though some popular keywords on Pinterest will be very similar to keywords that you will find using some Google Keyword Research Tools. It doesn’t mean that overall the keywords on Pinterest are the same as on Google.

In fact, according to Pinterest official stats, which they published in their blog on Medium. Nearly 75% of all queries are just one to three words and people view on average of 60 pins Per query so the user behavior on Pinterest,

The searches user behavior is completely different from what we see on Google keywords on Google are usually much longer. People are using longer keywords because Google suggestions are longer than on Pinterest. Don’t forget that 80% of Pinterest users are on mobile devices.  They’re using the Pinterest app and on a mobile device. It’s simply not so convenient to type in a very long keyword. Even if you type a short keyword then these colorful Pinterest suggestions will lead you to one of the popular keywords that Pinterest has already here.


So let’s have a look at the various ways of doing keyword research on Pinterest specifically.  The first and most intuitive way of finding popular keywords related to your focus keyword is just by typing the main keyword. Then looking for whatever suggestions Pinterest has over here. And usually, the suggestions that are on top are the most popular ones.

google keyword planner
Pinterest Keyword Tool

Now you can also search for suggestions by actually creating a search query just clicking Enter.  And then Pinterest will give you the suggestions in these colorful boxes, and here you will see that from left to right, the boxes are showing the most popular keywords on the left. And if you are on a desktop computer if you scroll a little bit. You will have through your search results you will find additional keywords related to your main keyword, they will be also in these colorful boxes, they will not necessarily have this exact keyword that you typed in, but they always will be, somehow related. And it’s interesting because they can give you additional ideas for the future content that you might create on your site. And another way of doing keyword research on Pinterest is by using your advertising cabinet.

Search Keyword Results:

If you have a business account on Pinterest, you will have this option called Pinterest ads. So from here, all you have to do is pretend that you are going to create an ad so you will click Create an ad Don’t worry.  You will not complete ad creation, and you will not pay anything for it. So just pick any type of campaign, it doesn’t matter. let’s pick a traffic campaign. Let’s put any number for the daily budget, and then we go continue. And from here. You don’t need to do anything at all, you will probably have nothing here because you’re not running any campaigns. But what you need to scroll down to is this window. Where you have, keywords, and you can extend your search by looking for some keyword suggestions on Pinterest.

As you can see on the right side Pinterest is going to show you the monthly search volume for every keyword suggestion that you see here and some of them will be pretty broad and you will see that whole Digital marketing, obviously is a very broad keyword. And then you will see that some of them will have less than 1000 keyword search volume per month. The others are pretty broad and in my experience, targeting the keywords that are more popular and that have higher search volume. Pinterest is a very rewarding strategy. Because, as I said, 75% of all searches on Pinterest are shortboards, and because of the behavior of the Pinterest user, and the intent of the Pinterest user is different from what you could see on Google.

On average a Pinterest user is more open to various types of ideas, compared to a Google user who is looking for a specific thing. So the user intent is different on Pinterest. And that means that people usually will be looking for something wider and wider topic, an idea, and then they will be going inside that idea using this Pinterest suggestion or simply scrolling down the feed and looking for any pin that just grabs their attention.

In general, if you look at the keyword volumes that Pinterest advertising Kevin can show you, and compare it to what you can find. Using some google keyword research tools, like in my case I’m here, I’m using here keywords everywhere browser extension. So, this extension is showing me, keywords, keyword volumes, and I can look for some additional keyword ideas, again with keyword volumes and these keyword volumes are pretty precise compared to what Pinterest ad cabinets can show us like less than 1000 and then from 10,000 to 100,000, and then five-plus million so it’s a very very wide window. But anyway, that’s all that we have for now, from Pinterest, in terms of understanding which keywords are more or less popular. And now that you know how to find the right keywords to target on Pinterest.